International certificate verification platform



CERVERI has a unique partnership programs with government agencies and institutions that enable them to maximise the benefits of the verification system. Alternatively, community members like students and employees can become a member of CERVERI through a variety of membership options.


Prevention of certificate fraud

Educational certificates and track records being largely in the paper format, makes them prone to frauds and identity thefts. CERVERI ensures quick and reliable verification by enabling e-verification of certificates due to electronic conversion by the certificate owner.

Assured credibility to certificates

CERVERI is a application and hence has earned itself the credibility among the educational community and corporate organisations alike. Being CERVERI verified lends credibility to the concerned certificates.

Reduction in verification lead time

Under normal circumstances, certificates are required to be attested by government officials or authorised personnel, translating into lengthy wait period. However, being an electronic mode of verification, turnaround time is reduced.

Cost savings

Corporates and recruiters usually must hire expensive background check agencies to verify certificates. However, CERVERI provides a cost-effective method for certificate verification and in turn fraud prevention.

Secured validation

CERVERI helps users achieve a quick yet secured validation or invalidation of certificates. Additionally, the servers are completely secure and certificate owners can upload certificates without having to worry about data theft.

Multiple membership modules

CERVERI offers users a variety of membership options depending on their usage requirements and budget.

Exhaustive repository of certificates

With an ever-increasing member-base and a growing community of users, CERVERI makes for an exhaustive data pool of certificates.

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