IMS has helped many of our clients re-define the way they approach data and helped them gain insights that have redefined their business. When it comes to critical databases, it is important to trust a platform that despite being cost-effectice, is highly efficient. IMS is just that and more.


User Friendly Dashboard

The IMS dashboard is designed to cater to a host of users with varying skillsets and technological know-how. We understand that most business users do not have a technological background and we have thus designed IMS in a manner that makes the usage for such target users.

Standard & Customized Reports

IMS provides the capability for business users to access standardised reports as well as custom reports depending on their project. Many of our clients learn quick & easy functions that help them generate special reports for specific one-time tasks which are aimed at strategic planning.

Visually Captivating Charts

Graphs and custom charts help bring alive data and makes it easier for stake-holders to comprehend. IMS is armed with the capability to produce visually appealing charts and other data visualisation tools.

Enterprise-Wide, Cross-Functional Applicability

IMS has the capability to collate databases from various functions- production, finance, marketing, sales and general management to produce a seamlessly integrated business information system.

Live Project Management

The platform provides functional heads to track important projects real-time and map the progress of the same. It gives a bird’s eye view of the various bottle- necks, lead time, deadlines and more. The platform also gives an overview of billable time and actual time spent on a project by a personnel.

Monitoring Performance

Further, IMS helps team leaders monitor the performance of their team and helps record the same electronically. This assists in objective assessment of an employee’s performance and hence aides a fair appraisal outcome.

Customizable Widgets

IMS is equipped with customizable widgets providing almost unlimited possibilities to track various KPIs.

Easy Integrations

IMS can be easily integrated with your current information systems, seamlessly so that there are no stoppages or work delays.

Selective Access

We understand that information is key in business today and IMS is geared towards providing maximised security. Clients have the option of providing selective access to its employees and also set permission requirements for certain accesses.

Seamless Merging of Data

Most organisations grapple with the issue of multiple databases and data sets. Introduction of a BIS system translates into restructuring date, ground up. However IMS assists in seamless merging of database without the need to go back to the drawing board.

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