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HAWAZ system has been incorporated by numerous clients to help in their in-house training that caters to a large workforce. The content has ranged from human resource policies, technological & technical training, sales training, distributor training, partner training and more.


Easy Data Migration

Most clients we work with have a significant amount of data on their existing LMS or storage. HAWAZ supports a broad range of LMS structures and our expert team is capable of managing a flawless migration of data onto the new system.

Brand Integration

Unlike other learning management systems, HAWAZ does not follow a one- size fits all motto. We acknowledge the need to integrate our client’s brand identity such as the logo, varied brand elements and design. Our system is customisable to incorporate the client’s brand communication in order to elevate the learning experience for users.

Social Media Support

HAWAZ has updated social media plug-ins which help with introducing an element of community learning. It helps better learning for target learners who train better through discussions and sharing of resources. We help clients create & manage learning blogs, groups on socials platforms in a way that helps increase learner participation.

Customizable Report

The platform not only has pre-designed reports but also the capability to incorporate customizable reporting. We understand that training can be formal or informal and a standard report might not fulfill the needs of all kinds of training. Similarly, the difficulty of assessment could vary. HAWAZ allows clients to make changes to their evaluations accordingly.

Intuitive User Interface

The HAWAZ System is designed keeping in mind the cross section of users who would use the platform for their training needs. Hence the interface is easy to use, visually appealing and has customizable dashboards to ease learning.

Gamification Capabilities

The success rate of training platforms increases manifold if it has in- built capabilities to engage learners. HAWAZ has built in tools to enable gamification of training content that improves retentions and also delivers higher ROI.

Peer to Peer Learning Tools

Apart from social plug-ins, HAWAZ has the capability to support plug-ins that aide in collaboration among training participants without the need to engage external tools or the need to have a third-party human intervention.

Personalized Learning Plans

It is unlikely that most corporate learners begin training at the same time. Plus, their skill gaps vary, raising the requirement for personalized training that addresses specific training needs. HAWAZ incorporates this need and provides learners the capability to follow their own learning curve.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

HAWAZ can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. It is compliant with various operating systems i.e. Windows, iOS and Android.

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