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Virtual Reality

Businesses are increasingly using virtual reality for numerous applications such as marketing, simulation, gaming, training and most importantly for innovative approaches to education. Appzzon has built together a robust team of virtual reality experts capable of conjuring breakthrough virtual reality applications in record turn-around time for our clients in Dubai and beyond.

  • Cross-Sector Appeal – VR Apps that cater to a cross section of industries, f rom academic, real estate, healthcare to government projects and tourism.
  • Multiple-Applications – VR that enhances training programs, educational programs, product visualisation and more.
  • Cross-OS Compatibility – Immersive and non-immersive solutions by Appzzon that are compatible across operating systems i.e., Android, iOS and Windows.
  • VR Support Solutions – Not just development of VR apps but provision of creative ideas, content development and communication development.

Virtual reality applications are one of the many strong suites of Appzzon. We believe that customers and target audiences recall more when they not just see or hear, but experience a training, product or concept. Appzzon’s work in the education sector is backed by virtual reality to a fair degree. We have recognised the importance of VR in engaging students, making learning more impactful and most importantly, enjoyable. All of this has resulted in early adaptation of VR applications by Appzzon and hence makes us a dependable expert in the field.

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