Immersive Design Collaboration for Better Decisions




Immersive Design Presentations

Step into Trezi’s immersive and interactive environment with clients to present your design – communicating your intent immediately and building their trust..

Real-time Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications professionals can independently create 3D and 360o Snapshots, 360o Panorama Tours, and Videos. Do away with static 3D renders – add multiple, current visual media to all channels with Trezi, at no extra cost.

Collaborative Design Reviews

Review design with all internal and external members of the design team in real time, at full scale and color. Explore options and finalize design changes. Ensure design intent remains consistent throughout the product lifecycle. Replace physical models and samples with virtual mock-ups and VR-ready products and materials.

Run Desktop and VR-enabled Coordination Meetings

Accelerate understanding across the project team with BIM integration for clear, accurate, interactive models complete with BIM properties. Collaborate in both the immersive VR environment and the desktop. Identify issues, record decisions and distribute assignments with 2D and 360o Snapshots, 360o Panorama Tours or Video.

Present Design

The Table Top orients the audience with an interactive scale model, Horizontal and Vertical Section Cuts help illustrate the design program, Teleporting helps comfortably navigate the model, Snapshots capture decisions made within the virtual world.

Cross Interface & Platform Compatibility

Trezi’s Desktop Environment and Plugins for Integrating Design Models

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