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Appzzon’s custom e-Commerce development services are geared to give our clients in the MENA region, the business results they desire. From pure digital entities to those adopting an omni channel strategy, our seasoned developers can deliver e-Commerce stores that are rich in functionality and that cater to both B2B and B2C customers.

We are focussed on building store fronts which are user-oriented, intuitive and designed to drive conversions.

Our end-to-end services encompass:

  • Strategy – Helps define business goals, brand identity, supply chain, choice of core technology, mapping of workflows, timelines and resources.
  • Optimization – Web stores are meant to drive business, hence, need to be optimized for customer acquisition, conversion, re-engagement and retention.
  • Omni channel Design – Online stores need to sync well with offline operations.
  • Enterprise Ecosystem Integration – It’s not just about the e-Commerce front, but integrating payment gateways, data analytics and warehousing with the store.

A comprehensive suite of offerings, quality assurance, post-launch training and most importantly, our experience in launching multiple e-Commerce sites, puts Appzzon in the rare position of being able to take on any challenge in the e-Commerce space for customers operating out of Dubai & surrounding areas.

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